Chemical Use Reporting

Many products in commerce contain chemicals of concern. Some IC2 members have passed legislation requiring the submission of information on the uses of these chemicals in products. To support and assist implementation of these reporting requirements, the IC2 has examined various chemical use reporting programs to help work toward a coordinated system.

Existing Chemical Use Reporting Programs Research Paper

This research paper analyzes the reporting forms and collection methods of various chemical use reporting programs to identify tools and strategies that could be employed in a coordinated IC2 reporting system.

IC2 Chemical Use Reporting White Paper
The purpose of this White Paper, developed by the IC2 Database Workgroup, is to:

  • Discuss the purposes of chemical use disclosure
  • Outline the benefits of interstate collaboration on chemical use reporting
  • Examine the IC2-member programs and their reporting requirements to identify common elements and differences
  • Describe state Confidential Business Information (CBI) policies and procedures
  • Identify key questions and issues regarding data fields and coordination of the proposed reporting processes of the participating states
  • Present a draft straw IC2 Chemical Use Reporting Form for discussion and possible use