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ChemFORWARD, an IC2 supporting member, is a non-profit, science-based organization that hosts a globally harmonized, shared repository of chemical hazard assessments (CHAs). Chemical hazard assessment is a systematic process of assessing and classifying hazards across a spectrum of human and environmental endpoints and severity.

ChemFORWARD’s chemical hazard assessments are based on leading chemical hazard assessment methodologies including the UN’s Globally Harmonized System for Classification (GHS) and the Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health methodology. 24 human and environmental impacts are evaluated, stratified by three routes of exposure, where applicable. All assessments are conducted by certified toxicology firms and each assessment is subject to independent peer review, technical challenges, and continuous improvement. Full documentation is available on ChemFORWARD’s website.

While ChemFORWARD’s entire database is available by subscription, some sponsors such as government agencies, pay assessors to make the chemical profiles publicly and freely available. This link will take you to free CHA offerings to explore hazards of certain chemicals, including an assessment of overall hazard rating provided in the form of a hazard band. Hazard bands provide an overall chemical rating that allows for easy comparisons between chemicals and a quick reference for the overall level of severity associated with a chemical’s inherent hazards.

Additional granularity is displayed in the hazard tables and end-point rationales can be viewed by hovering over each endpoint classification. Learn more about the process for hazard classification and contact ChemFORWARD directly for further information:

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