Join as a Supporting Member

The IC2 seeks to maintain an open dialogue with all interested parties that help advance the mission of the IC2. Supporting Members demonstrate support for the IC2’s mission and a willingness to interact constructively with governmental agencies, NGOs, businesses, researchers, and labor representatives. Supporting members promote within their organization or the community/ies they serve the following goals:

  • Reduction of the use of toxic chemicals or the generation and release of toxic pollutants
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental and health equity

Supporting Members are eligible to participate in the IC2 All Member Meetings and in IC2 Workgroups. Their involvement in IC2 is highlighted on the IC2 Webpage.

IC2 Supporting Members may include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, labor organizations, academic programs, and unaffiliated individuals. Supporting Member organizations are asked to submit a membership application and Supporting Member MoA to the Board of Directors for approval based on the criteria listed above. All Supporting Member applicants must identify potential financial conflicts of interest and sign a conflict of interest statement as a condition of membership.

Consulting firms, law firms, and industry and trade associations are not permitted to join the IC2 as Supporting Members. Individuals associated with or employed by consulting firms, law firms and industry and trade associations are precluded from joining the IC2 as individual Supporting Members. However, the IC2 may invite non-members to participate in IC2-sponsored projects, activities, or events, based on the organization’s relevant expertise, to help inform and share knowledge and perspectives to support the IC2’s activities.

Should a Supporting Member organization fail to satisfy the criteria outlined, the IC2 Board of Directors may terminate that organization’s membership. Such removal requires a majority vote by the Board. The IC2 does not refund prorated membership dues in such cases.

Annual Dues for IC2 Supporting Members

All Supporting Members provide annual dues to IC2 based on the structure outlined below. In-kind contributions, including time provided in service on an IC2 Workgroup or the IC2 Council, are highly valued but are not applicable to the annual dues.

Industry, based on sales:

  • Less than $10 million: $270
  • $10 – $100 million: $670
  • $100 – $500 million: $2,005
  • $500 million – $2 billion: $4,005
  • $2 – $5 billion: $5,340
  • Greater than $5 billion: $6,670

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs):

  • State-based NGOs: $70
  • National NGOs: $270

Non-profit NGOs may request a partial or full dues waiver based on financial need.

Academic Institutions/Academic Centers/Institutes/Scholars: $270