HPCDS Glossary

Brick: The building block of the GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) standard is a product category known as a brick. The states use bricks as the standard product categories for reporting. Bricks identify products that serve a common purpose, are of a similar form and material, and share the same set of category attributes.

CASRN: Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number

CHCC: Chemical of High Concern to Children

CSPA: Washington State Children’s Safe Products Act

Disclosure ID: Alphanumeric ID automatically assigned to reports by the HPCDS upon successful submission to a state

Ecology: Washington State Department of Ecology

EPA: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

HPC: High Priority Chemical

HPCCCH: High Priority Chemical of Concern for Children’s Health

HPCDS: High Priority Chemicals Data System

IC2: Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse

NEWMOA: Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association

OHA: Oregon Health Authority

Report ID: Numerical ID automatically assigned to reports in the HPCDS

TFKA: Oregon Toxic-Free Kids Act