Mission & History

The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) is an association of state, local, and tribal governments that promotes a clean environment, healthy communities, and a vital economy through the development and use of safer chemicals and products. We invite new members to join us. The goals of the IC2 are to:

  • Avoid duplication and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of agency initiatives on chemicals through collaboration and coordination
  • Build governmental capacity to identify and promote safer chemicals and products
  • Ensure that agencies, businesses, and the public have ready access to high quality and authoritative chemicals data, information, and assessment methods

The functions of the IC2 include:

  • Supporting health and environmental agencies with development and implementation of programs to promote use of safer chemicals and products
  • Supporting the development of alternatives assessment methods and identification of safer alternatives
  • Sharing data and information on use, hazard, exposure, and alternatives
  • Sharing strategies and outcomes on chemicals prioritization initiatives
  • Building the capacity of agencies by sharing materials, strategies, and trainings
  • Assisting agencies in meeting the relevant information needs of businesses, consumers, and the public

IC2 Structure

The IC2 is a program of the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA). NEWMOA provides management and staff support for IC2 and serves as its fiscal agent.

IC2 Board of Directors

The IC2 has a Board of Directors to oversee IC2 programs and activities, conduct strategic planning, set priorities and establish the annual workplan, establish the budget and spending priorities, and manage other critical matters affecting the IC2.

The IC2 Board of Directors has up to 15 representatives of IC2 Member agencies. The Director or Commissioner of the lead agency for each IC2 Member selects the Board nominee for that jurisdiction. The designee is a senior official or manager of an environmental protection/quality, environmental health, pollution prevention or other appropriate program or agency, or a member of the Commissioner’s/Director’s Executive Staff. The Board meets a minimum of two times per year with all members of IC2 in the form of IC2 All Member Meetings and may meet additional times.

IC2 All Member Meetings

The Clearinghouse has established the IC2 All Member Meetings to support the mission and goals of the IC2 and to provide a forum for collaboration and sharing professional advice and expertise among representatives of the IC2 Members, Supporting Members and the Board of Directors. The IC2 All Member Meetings include the Board of Directors and representatives of the IC2 Members and Supporting Member organizations. The functions of these meetings include:

  • Provide a venue for discussions and exchange among IC2 Members, Supporting Members, and the Board
  • Recommend priorities and focus areas for IC2 Workgroups, programs, and activities
  • Assist with recruiting members for IC2 Workgroups and participate in Workgroup activities
  • Assist with planning IC2 events and promoting IC2 initiatives
  • Share information on international, federal, state, tribal, and local chemical policies and proposals
  • Share technical information resources and databases related to chemicals in commerce and identify technical expertise related to focus areas
  • Assist with funding IC2 activities
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