HPCDS User Guides

Reporting Guide (Formerly the User Guide)

The Reporting Guide describes the features of the High Priority Chemicals Data System (HPCDS) and explains how to report with it. The guide presents step-by-step directions, explanatory notes, and tips for reporting using the HPCDS effectively. The guide is organized by HPCDS module and feature, with screenshots of the HPCDS interface to illustrate instructions.

Reporting Guide

Search Guide

The Search Guide describes how to use the public data features of the High Priority Chemicals Data System (HPCDS). It is intended for consumers of data to search data reported by manufacturers of children’s products under Washington State’s Children’s Safe Products Act and Oregon’s Toxic Free Kids Act. Consumers of data include: potential purchasers or owners of children’s products; researchers; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and government agencies.

Search Guide